Welcome to Melodies to Grow On, a music therapy based music enrichment program for babies, toddlers and the grownups who love them. We offer classes in the Northern Kentucky area.

Our music classes focus on supporting the healthy development of all children ages birth through 3 years and their parents, grandparents, nanny or babysitter, or any other caregiver. With a child-centered approach led by a board certified music therapist, the focus of a Melodies to Grow On class is to build communication, motor, and social skills, foster relationships, and support children and families. All of the songs and musical experiences used are created with the purpose of promoting the development of essential non-musical skills in a fun and motivating way. We offer weekly classes in 6 week sessions for children and caregivers and we can partner with libraries, daycare centers, and other organizations to provide our services to the wider community.


Why Music?

What experiences can you remember from early childhood? Chances are good that music was present. Whether it was one of your parents singing to you, a toy that played music, a song from your favorite TV show, or even a jingle from a commercial on the radio, these musical experiences stick with us long after we’ve grown up. Music helps our brain to remember things, which is why music is a great tool to promote learning in young children (and adults, too!).

Think about how our bodies work: our heart, our lungs, and walking are all based on rhythm. Rhythm can capture our little ones’ attention and organize gross motor functioning. Young children do not differentiate between listening, creating, and moving to music. For them, music encompasses all of these at once. Music means moving!

Music is also a beautiful way to bond with your child and share a positive experience. Your small child loves to hear YOUR voice! Music can be used to calm newborns and help them to begin learning language. A musical phrase can signal to a toddler that an activity is finished without causing a melt down. Whether it’s singing a lullaby to your child as you put them to bed, a clean up song to make putting toys away more enjoyable, or a good morning song as you wake them up, music can be used in all sorts of ways during your child’s day. Using music as a tool to communicate with your child can also increase the chances that your child will choose to cooperate, leading to less frustration for both of you.

Children love to play, and music is fun! Using music in a playful way can lead to many positive shared experiences for you and your child. Your 3-year-old may even remember one or more of these experiences well into adulthood. Melodies to Grow On can help to build a bonding foundation that will enrich your relationship for years to come.

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