Our music classes are child centered and developmentally based so they are appropriate for specific ages.

Beginning Melodies: Infants from birth to 9 months. This class is all about bonding with your baby through songs, movement, and instrument exploration. Bonding is crucial to a child’s healthy emotional development and even the youngest infants show positive response to music. As a parent, you will also have the opportunity to meet other parents going through similar unpredictable routines that don’t always include a full night’s sleep. This class may be combined with Melodies for Babies depending on enrollment.

Melodies for Babies: Babies from 6 months to 18 months. This class is for babies who are on the move and ready to explore the world around them. By singing, moving, playing instruments, and observing their grownups doing the same, babies can develop their communication, motor, and social skills. Songs use functional language and are not prerecorded, which allows for spontaneity and flexibility within the group.

Melodies for Toddlers: Toddlers from 18 months through 3 years of age. These kiddos are babies no more! In this class, toddlers sing, move, and play instruments in order to strengthen communication, motor, and social skills. Songs use functional language and are not prerecorded, which allows for the children to make choices and guide the musical experiences. Social interaction with peers is encouraged through the music and by sharing and turn taking. This class is a great opportunity for toddlers who have limited interaction with other children to begin building the social skills necessary for school.


What Parents are Saying:

“It was such a fun class! Loved the social interaction, songs, and use of instruments.”

-Melodies for Toddlers Parent

“You had a plan/structure but it allowed for kids to be themselves and explore too, and you understand little kids might not just sit in one place the whole time. You also had great transitions between songs and activities, giving the kids notice that something was done and something new was coming. And I liked the opportunity for interaction between parents and kids, kids and kids, etc. You also handled kids well when they were unsure, upset or timid.

The pace of the class was great, and it had good transitions, so kids could stay engaged but also know something was about to change. The class had a variety of songs and explored a number of concepts: fast and slow, up and down, quiet and loud, different ways of moving, different ways of drumming. The environment allowed kids to interact with instruments, parents, the teacher and other kids, which was great.”

-Melodies for Toddlers Parent