So Many Transitions

I cannot believe it’s already September! (And I’m not complaining!) While September in this area doesn’t always feel like fall, October usually does. Mild days, changing leaves, campfires, warm apple cider, and crisp evenings– I love just thinking about it!

With the first fall class session off to a great start, I’m looking ahead to October and the second fall session. We’ll be singing about falling leaves, pumpkins, and being thankful. As we transition from one season to another, Melodies to Grow On will be transitioning to a new location for the next session. St. Andrew’s has a large meeting area that can be divided into smaller areas, so I think it should work nicely for our classes. Registration for the second fall session begins September 16.

And while we are on the topic of transitions, did you know music can help your child with transitions? Young children can have difficulty moving from one activity to the next without some preparation. Clean up songs, goodbye songs, and lullabies are all common examples of songs that can help prepare your child for a change in activities. In our classes, we sing the “What’s next?” song to keep attention and build anticipation as the kids wait for instruments. They learn pretty quickly what comes next when they hear that song! Using a transition song at home can be as simple as singing the phrase “________(current activity) is over, what’s next?” “It’s time for _______ (new activity).” Repeating these phrases a few times can help to give your child time to process the change in events. If used on a consistent basis, you may be able to sing the question and have your child give the response. Your child may still not want to take a nap, but using a transition song can give them time to adjust.

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