Beginning Melodies

After a couple of false starts, spring is here to stay and so are spring music classes! New this session is our first Beginning Melodies class for infants. I am so excited about this class and the potential it has to help you and your child bond. By having shared musical experiences, you can strengthen your relationship and provide a nurturing environment for your child. Aside from bonding, music provides numerous other benefits for your child, like promoting cognitive development. Studies show that young children with musical training have better memory skills than those who do not. It is never too early to start building those skills! Singing to your child helps to begin building language skills. Singing lullabies in particular can help to lower your child’s heart rate and keep them calm during stressful activities like diaper changes or bathing. Lullabies before bed can help your child to get better sleep. There are so many reasons to sing to your infant! The Beginning Melodies class will share songs and experiences to promote bonding as well as cognitive and motor development to provide a strong foundation for future growth.

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